Datum: 09 – 12 April 2020 | Ort: Sportschule Lastrup

only 60 seats available

Cancelt, due to Corona. Participants get a full refund of the participation fee.

The EASTER SPECIAL 2020 will give you the final touch for the season. Top trainers from the fields vaulting, acrobatics, gymnastics, dance and expression will be at your side to give your freestyle the finishing touch. At least 3 MOVIES (galloping wooden horses) will be waiting for you in the great sports facilities of the Sportschule Lastrup. One of the MOVIES even moves on a circle line! These are worldwide unique training possibilities! The conditions are therefore ideal to fine-tuning your competition program for the upcoming season.

Anyone can and is allowed to participate! Trainers, individual vaulters, Pas-des-deux and teams of all levels are very welcome!

During the 4 training days in the EASTER SPECIAL 2020 we would like to help lifting your performance to a new level and get you ready for the upcoming season. You will have at least 3 MOVIES and 6 trainers for an intensive training. One of the highlights of the vaulting scene is also waiting for you: the C-MOVIE, a MOVIE moving on a circle line. The C-MOVIE is ideal for repeating your freestyle over and over again to gain unbeatable security and charismatic expression.

We use tools like video analysis to visualise the next step to work on in compulsories as well as freestyle performance. This is specifically interesting while working on choreographie and expression. Beside the vaulting related topics you get to choose from many other topics like acrobatics, handstand training, expression training and choreography, balance training, as well as preventive injury training for foot and knee.

As the competition season begins, choreography and the execution of your freestyle is very important of course. During these four days we take care of it. We want to lure you out of your reserve and accompany you to your limits. I am curious to see if we can do so…


Everyone is able to participate! Single vaulters, double pairs and groups of all performance classes are welcome. It does not matter if you are coming alone, with a couple of friends or with your entire team. We will fix sparring partner and a great training experience for you!

Routine of the day

Breakfast – 2 training offers – lunch – 3 training offers – dinner – free training or relaxing time – sleeping. That is the short version of one day with us.

After dinner, the gym and the MOVIEs are available for free training. Of course, we trainers will also be on site and will be happy to help you from time to time. There is also the possibility to spend the evening hours in a small swimming pool, on a bowling alley or in a sauna.

Sparring partner
or training group

You will share the training time for choreography and the MOVIE sessions with two to three other participants. If you’ve got friends following to the camp and you wish to share these training sessions with them, just name them in the application form. In case you are coming alone, don’t worry, we will find training partners according to your level of performance. In the LOGIN area you can check on your sparring partners about 10 days before training begins. If there is some misunderstanding or trouble, please contact me.

Full-time participants: In order to make sure that you and your wished training partners come into the same training group, you can sign up into the same training group under “My Account”. Just make sure that your training partners join your group! If you travel alone, you don’t need to do that. We will then add you to a suitable group.

Part-time participants: You will be able to name sparring partners in the application form as well. We will define sparring partners for you. Of course we will take care of all your wishes.

Don’t worry, if you have no friend participating these training days, we will find great training partners for you as well.

Signing up for courses

You will need your group number to check the time-schedule for your predefined training sessions, so you can sign in for other courses in the spare time.

For the rest of the training day you may choose three of the course offers you like best. You have to sign in for the courses to secure a place since the places are limited! This you can do in your LOGIN area after you have submitted the application. For information regarding the content of the courses please follow the LINK under “Content of courses”. While making your choice of courses please keep your fitness in mind. Each course takes 90 minutes of focus and power… You might be better off with choosing only two further courses…

Content of courses

Video analysis
Freestyle choreography
Acrobatics 1
Acrobatics 2
Handstand training
High dismounts
Expression 1
Expression 2
Balance training
Preventive injury training for foot and knee
Core training and stretching

Always remember, that we trainers are there for you! You may suggest some training content. If somehow possible, we will take care of it.

Accommodation and catering

The sports school Lastrup provides rooms and beds one day before the first training and for the duration of the camp. The rooms are equipped with 2 to 6 beds and offer the comfort of a good youth hostel.

The sports school also takes care of the catering, so that we are well cared for around the clock. Special eating habits and allergies can be indicated on the registration form and will of course be taken into account.

Your room must be vacated on Sunday morning. We will then place your luggage in the large gym, where you can shower again on Sunday after the training. If you want to take part in the Easter fire, you will need a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag, as we are staying privately for this night.


Full-time participants:

Participants of all 4 days are welcome to arrive on 08 April until 19:00 hrs. Your room will be ready for you. If you arrive by train, your destination is Cloppenburg. From there we will then collect you by arrangement. The departure takes place on Easter Sunday, 12 April, from 17:00 o’clock, or if you stay to the Easter fire, on Easter Monday in the course of the day.

Day participant:

Please be at the sports school in Lastrup by 08:00 at the latest. We will be waiting for you in the foyer and will walk together to the sports hall at 08:15 a.m. (approx. 300m). Your departure will take place after your last training session. Of course you are cordially invited to the concluding Easter fire from Easter Sunday to Easter Monday.

Venue: Sportschule Lastrup, Bokaer Str. 30, 49688 Lastrup, Germany

Your trainers


Gero Meyer
World Championship 3 times second
European Champion
German National Champion
Licensed Trainer C

Max Kallies
Licensed Trainer C

Expression and Choreography

Frauke Bischof
Diplom Science of Sport
Licensed Trainer C

Ann Thies

Ester Kelly

Acrobatics - Handstand - Fitness

Philipp Bergmann
Licensed Trainer C

Janin Brand

Gymnastics and High Dismounts

Ole Schümann

*not yet confirmed



overnight stays are charged with 30 € extra; several single days can be booked
85 €per participant and day
  • Eligibility to participate in all available courses
  • Limited training time on the C-MOVIE
  • Free division into courses for the rest of the time
  • S-MOVIEs and other training equipment may be used freely
  • Sports facilities can also be used in the evening
  • -
  • incl. lunch
  • 30,-€ extra per night per person (dinner and breakfast included)

Training time on the S-Movie

from 60,-€ per 1,5 hours
(unlimited number of persons)

Trainers can be added as required
(30,-€ extra per training unit)

S-MOVIE = stationary MOVIE

Training time on the C-Movie

from 120,-€ per 1,5 hours
(unlimited number of persons)

Trainers can be added as required
(30,-€ extra per training unit)

C-MOVIE = MOVIE moving on the circle

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