Date Sweden I: 22nd – 28th July 2020
Date Sweden II: 03rd – 09th August 2020
Location: Nyköpings Scoutkår, Helgona Söra, 611 94 Nyköping

Sweden 1: only 38 seats available

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Sweden 2: only 40 seats available

The registration will be activated soon

The VAULTING AND ADVENTURE CAMP IN SWEDEN 2020 takes 7 days (arrival day – 5 training days – departure day) and is located approx. 100 km south of Stockholm. The accommodation is situated directly at a lake and is part of a spectacular landscape, which we also use for our training. The MOVIE, a cantering wooden horse, is giving the rhythm for excellent vaulting training. It will be set up in the gymnastics hall, where we will work on compulsory techniques, train strength and endurance, and work on our expression skills. This year there are also several fun sports and events on the agenda. Each participant has to organize his journey privately. We are looking forward to seeing you!

The training is focused on vaulting. What we need as vaulters is a basic fitness of strength, endurance and flexibility. The techniques of the compulsories exercises will be explained and trained on the floor, on wooden horses and on a MOVIE. Other training sessions deal with balance, rhythm, expression, body feeling and physical fitness as we do parkour, acrobatics, stand-up paddeling, yoga or expression training. In spring we will know exactly what courses we offer. We will publish it in the test little below.

What we promise is an extensive and demanding training with great fun and a summer camp experience!


Anyone who enjoys movement can participate. Individuals or whole groups of all performance classes are welcome. About 40 participants of different nationalities are expected. In recent years, participants have come from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, England, Scotland, California and the Netherlands.

Training groups

Each participant is part of a group of 6 to 8 people. The groups will be put together according to the information given in the registration form. We will consider your preferred partners and your performance class. We make every effort to provide you with suitable training partners in order to ensure a harmonious training structure. After all, nobody should be over- or underchallenged.

Accommodation and catering

We have a scout house at our disposal throughout the week. We will stay there in our free time and overnight. At this scout house there are 3 showers and 4 toilets, but there are also always shower facilities in the gyms. For your sleeping place you should pack a sleeping bag. If it doesn’t fit in your luggage, we can provide you with bedding and covers for a small extra charge of 30,-€. You should indicate this wish in your registration form.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided from the day of arrival to the day of departure. Additional to this you will have access to fruit and drinks at any time of the day. Special food requirements and allergies can be indicated on the registration form and will of course be taken into account.

Arrival and departure

Camp 1: Day of arrival is 22.07.2020 and day of departure is the 28.07.2020.
Camp 2: Day of arrival is 03.08.2020 and day of departure is the 09.08.2020.

There are three possibilities for you to come to Nyköping:

  1. Airplane: Nyköping has a Ryanair airport (“Stockholm-Skavsta”), which is probably the most pleasant and cheapest way to get here. This airport is close to our accommodation, so that we will pick you up from outside the gates. The other international airport of Stockholm is called “Arlanda”. This one is located 100 km opposite of Stockholm, so that you would have to get to Stockholm by train and take a direkt bus (Bus4You or Flygtbussarna) to Nyköping central station or to the first airport Stockholm-Skavsta. We would collect you from both locations.
    If your flight arrives one day before or your flight home starts one day later, please let me know in time. We are pleased to help finding suitable accommodation. However, we will have to charge you for additional costs.
  2. Car: Please enter the following address in your navigation system: Nyköpings Scoutkår, Helgona Söra, 611 94 Nyköping.
  3. Train: I have never done this myself and it is probably not the cheapest. Your destination is called “Nyköping Centralen”.

Important! Please let us know about your arrival time. You can do so on the homepage under “My Account”. In case we should pick you up from the airport or the train station, we need to know your arriving time at least one week before the camp begins. In case your arrival time should change due to delays, please let us know as soon as possible by phone: 004917683337477 (Kathi) or 00491757812280 (Gero).

Your trainers


Gero Meyer
World Championship 3 times second
European Champion
German National Champion
Licensed Trainer C

Max Kallies
Licensed Trainer C

Acrobatics - Handstand - Fitness

Philipp Bergmann

Janin Brand

Gymnastics and high exits

Expression and Choreography

Esther Kelly

Parcours und Fitness

Frank Fleischmann

Chris Konushevci

Manuel Jäger

*not yet confirmed


Date Sweden I: 22nd – 28th July 2020

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Date Sweden II: 03rd – 09th August 2020

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