Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fragen zum Camp

None. Anyone who enjoys movement can participate. There are no restrictions regarding performance classes or previous sporting knowledge.

The maximum number of participants is 40 in Sweden and 60 in Germany. The number of participants varies from camp to camp. The number of participants will depend on the number of trainers and crew. In the past years vaulters from different countries such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden have participated.

Not all of the participants speak German, but don’t be afraid. The choice of language depends mainly on your language skills, which you can tell us on the registration form. We will then divide you into a training group where you will feel comfortable. The lessons will be held in German or English, if necessary also with hands and feet. It is important to us that each of you understands everything.

Please have a look at the pictures in the photo gallery. The scope and type of activities vary from camp to camp. Please read the description of the camp.

One training session lasts 90 minutes. 3 to 4 training sessions per day are possible, but already very ambitious. In Lastrup you can create your own training plan by enrolling in courses of your choice. So you decide yourself what and how much you want to train. In the camps in Sweden you will also receive 3-4 training sessions per day.

In Sweden, you’re automatically classified. The registration in courses is only possible during the training days in Lastrup. As soon as the registration is activated for you, you will get a message by email. This happens in the last week before the training days, because we are still working on an adapted training offer.

First you have the possibility to choose your training partners in the registration form. But even if you come alone this is no problem, because you will be divided into a group with 6 to 8 vaulters. The classification is mainly according to performance class and your language, so that you don’t get any communication problems within this group and are also well taken care of by the training intensity. Because we want to offer you optimal training conditions!

Sometimes you can’t help it if you can’t participate in the camp as planned. However, as we already pay money for you during the planning phase, we cannot refund the entire amount. Up to 6 weeks before the camp up to 80% of the participation fee will be refunded, up to one week before only 40%. From one week before the camp, the participation fee cannot be refunded. Please read the AGB again. Of course we hope that you stay healthy and don’t get cold feet.

In Lastrup you should have the following with you:

  • Training clothes of course!
    • for the indoor riding arena and outside (don’t forget your running shoes)
    • and clean things for the gym (instead of gym shoes you can simply bring thick socks or clean vaulting shoes)
    • your music or your music ideas!
  • Sleeping things
  • bathing things
  • Toilet bag and towel

And in Sweden there may be the following:

  • Bedding (sheets, pillows, blankets or sleeping bags)
  • and maybe some pocket money or a credit card.

In general it is best to pay with a Visa or Mastercard in Sweden. Even the smallest amounts in the kiosk can be paid with the card. Cash is not accepted on buses and trains! The ticket must be bought either at the ticket counter (cash possible), with a credit card at the vending machine, or on the Internet.

The travel information for each camp can be found in the general description of the training days. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form. We are happy to help!

Questions about registration

Yes, I can. As a parent, I can register several children or teenagers via my account. However, the same e-mail address will then be used for each booking, as only one e-mail per account is permitted.

First you fill in the registration form of the camp of your choice. If you missed a field, you will be informed at the end. If all mandatory fields are filled in, you can register bindingly. You will immediately receive a confirmation email with the request to transfer the outstanding amount. As soon as we have received the amount (this can take a few days), you will receive a confirmation of receipt. After that you only have to register for the courses and master your arrival.

The registration in the courses starts 6 days before the beginning of the training days and ends with the last day before the arrival. Courses are limited in number of places. This guarantees an effective training. If you are one of the first registered participants, you will receive an email 6 days in advance. Then you can register for the individual courses on the homepage under “My Account”. In the beginning, of course, all places are still available. The later you have registered, the later you will receive the access code. The last ones have to check where there are still places available. But there will certainly be small exceptions, because you should be able to train EVERYONE diligently!