Datum: April 09th – 12th 2020 | Ort: Sports School Lastrup

only 59 seats available

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Start your winter training with full throttle and fun! With JOHANNES KAY as your guest of honour and trainer at your side, you can try out all the exercises and wild ideas you’ve always wanted to do in the FREESTYLER 2020 under maximum safe conditions and the best supervision. In addition, top athletes from acrobatics and parkour will give you further suggestions. At least 3 MOVIES (galloping wooden horses) will be available, one of which will even move on the circle line! These are worldwide unique training possibilities! All MOVIES will be set up in the available gyms, so that we can train regardless of the weather! The conditions are therefore ideal for training new exercises or short sequences!

Anyone can and is allowed to participate! Trainers, individual vaulters, Pas-des-deux and groups of all levels are very welcome!

The FREESTYLER 2020 should give you new impulses and ideas during the 2.5 days of training, which you can then continue training at home over the winter days. You will have at least 3 MOVIES and 6 trainers for an intensive training. One of the highlights of the vaulting scene is also waiting for you: the C-MOVIE on the circle. So if you still feel insecure about some of the Küre elements or would like to try out new ones, this is the perfect opportunity to train under maximum safety conditions. In addition to the compulsory and freestyle training, you will also receive acrobatics and expression training. You can also learn acrobatic grip techniques and even work on your choreography. Maybe you will find here the suggestion for your freestyle theme of the next season! The days are filled with an interesting training program, and after dinner the sports school offers exciting possibilities like a bowling alley, a swimming pool or a sauna, which can be used. The gyms and MOVIES are also available for free training in the evening hours. So here are all the cornerstones for an effective training weekend! I am curious whether we can help you with your freestyle or with your duty…!


Every single, double or group vaulter is welcome. The performance class does not matter, as the registered participants are used to form training groups of 6-8 persons, taking the performance level into account. If entire vaulting groups register, no further vaulters will be assigned to this training group. Of course, we will take your wishes into account when dividing the vaulting groups into training groups.

Training contents

Vaulting, acrobatics, parkour, foot and knee poles, high drops, core training, stretching, choreography and expression. We trainers are at your disposal. So you can have a say in the training content together with the other participants of your training group!


Every single, double or group vaulter is welcome.

Accommodation and catering

The sports school Lastrup provides rooms and beds for the duration of the camp. The rooms are equipped with two to six beds and correspond to the comfort of a good youth hostel. The sports school also takes care of the meals, so that we are well cared for around the clock. Special eating habits and allergies can be indicated on the registration form and will of course be taken into account.


All participants should arrive by 15:00 on Friday 25 October. Of course you can also join in a little later. If you arrive by train, your destination is Cloppenburg. However, you should make a note of this on the registration form, as we will be happy to pick you up from there. You only have to tell us your arrival time at least one week before the camp. Departure will take place on Sunday evening, 27 October 2019, from 17:00.

Your trainers


Gero Meyer
World Championship 3 times second
European Champion
German National Champion
Licensed Trainer C

Max Kallies
Licensed Trainer C

Acrobatics - Handstand - Fitness

Philipp Bergmann
Licensed Trainer C

Janin Brand

Expression and Choreography

Esther Kelly

Parcours und Fitness

*not yet confirmed



overnight stays are charged with 40 € extra; several single days can be booked
95 €per participant and day
  • Eligibility to participate in all available courses
  • Limited training time on the C-MOVIE
  • Free division into courses for the rest of the time
  • S-MOVIEs and other training equipment may be used freely
  • Sports facilities can also be used in the evening
  • /
  • incl. lunch
  • 30,-€ extra per night per person (dinner and breakfast included)

Training time on the S-Movie

from 60,-€ per 1,5 hours
(unlimited number of persons)

Trainers can be added as required
(30,-€ extra per training unit)

S-MOVIE = stationary MOVIE

Training time on the C-Movie

from 120,-€ per 1,5 hours
(unlimited number of persons)

Trainers can be added as required
(30,-€ extra per training unit)

C-MOVIE = MOVIE moving on the circle